1. Denmead Post Office

    Restall's Denmead Post Office.
  2. Forest Gate, Denmead

  3. Denmead Post Office

  4. Harvest Home, Denmead

    Harvest Home pub, Denmead
  5. Fox and Hounds, Denmead

  6. Anthill Denmead

  7. Denmead

    Location unknown. Photograph came labelled as "Denmead".
  8. Forest of Bere - 1931

    The Forest of Bere is located in Denmead on the junction of Hambledon Road and Anmore Road.
  9. White Hart, Denmead

  10. Post Office, Denmead

  11. Denmead Pond - early 1900s

    The Health Center was built on this pond.
  12. Sheepwash Farm, 1947