1. Five Heads Road, Horndean

    Looks to be the junction of Merchistoun Road / London Road / Five Heads Road.
  2. Horndean

  3. Horndean in 1915

    Shows Gales Brewery in the background.
  4. Ship & Bell, Gales Brewery, Horndean

  5. The Square, Horndean

  6. Horndean Precinct

  7. Horndean 1920s

  8. Catherington Lane, Horndean 1985

    Picture Credit: Simon Glazier
  9. Good Intent - Horndean

  10. The Good Intent - Horndean

    The Good Intent Tea Gardens.
  11. Horndean

  12. Ship and Bell, Horndean

  13. Snow at Horndean

  14. Gales Brewery, Horndean

    Found by and reproduced with kind permission from Philip Pyke. This is a "Holbreek and Son" postcard dated 1900.