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    Then and now The Pompey Centre / Fratton Goods Yard

    Below is a Then and Now of what is now The Pompey Centre, and what used to be known as Fratton Goods Yard. Modern aerial shot taken early 2020s, courtesy of Google Maps. The year of the black and white picture is unknown, possibly 1950s or 60s...
  2. Fratton Goods Yard

    Now the Pompey Centre.
  3. Joyce Drew + Mother outside 210 Newcombe Road, Fratton

    Photo courtesy of Joyce Drew. Joyce Drew + Mother outside their house. Photo taken 1926.
  4. The Crystal Palace Pub

    Crystal Palace pub at Fratton Bridge / Canal Side / Canal Walk / Fawcett Road. Demolished in 1972.
  5. 6 St. Johns Street, 1956

    St. John's street ran between Fratton Street and Lake Road. It ultimately became part of Holbrook Road in 1998. Photo courtesy of Chris Cornell.
  6. Fratton Road

    Portsmouth Jan 1980 - Photo courtesy of Emily Layton.
  7. Radio Victory, Fratton Road

  8. Fratton Goods Yard, 80s / early 90s

  9. Glidden Street

    Photo courtesy of Susan Hare.
  10. Fratton Park from the air

  11. Fratton Bridge, 1970

  12. Fire and Police Station, Fratton Road / Lake Road

  13. Buckland, Fratton, St. Marys Church

  14. St. Marys Road

  15. Sheep at Fratton Station

  16. E.Chandler Shop, Fratton Rd 1915

  17. St Mary's Church

  18. Car outside St Mary's Church

  19. Carisbrooke Road houses damaged by Fratton Park roof during a storm, March 1906.

  20. Battle of Minden - The Dinlo