1. Palmerston Road, Southsea

    Southsea, Portsmouth Postcard reads 'another one for the book a. b.' stamped 1999, image 1905
  2. Southsea Terrace

    Royal Pier Hotel, Southsea Terrace, Portsmouth. Now University of Portsmouth - Rees Hall, Halls of Residence
  3. Highland Road, Southsea

    Number 19 bus to Alexandra Park, Highland Road, Southsea
  4. City Council Chambers, Clarence Parade

    Typewritten caption on photograph reads: 'The Council Meets – Portsmouth. Here at the City Council Chambers in Clarence Parade the Council meets in full session. The Council was blitzed out of its Guildhall and moved into these new quarters last year.'
  5. Essoldo Cinema, Albert Road

    The film "The Patsy" was released in 1964 so this photo was likely taken then.
  6. Elephants walking on Fawcett Road, 1906

  7. Seafront, Southsea

    Taken circa 1974. Photo by Martin Hulbert, reproduced with kind permission.
  8. Bellevue Terrace, Southsea

  9. Bellevue Terrace, Southsea

  10. Clarence Pier and Beach, Southsea

  11. Inside Victoria Hall, "Southea's cinema superb"

  12. Royal Garrison Church from the inside

  13. Southsea Common, circa 1900

  14. L

    Then and now Elm Grove - Then and now

    A before and after comparison of Elm Grove: From the late 1800s to 2015. Photo is facing west. 2015 photo is from Google Street View. Location is from around 65 Elm Grove (South side / Left of photo). Original photo of Elm Grove, late 1800s More old photos of Elm Grove...
  15. "On the round" Landguard Road, December 1908

    Two milk men making their rounds on a snowy Landguard Road in the early 1900s.
  16. Yelf Typewriters Shop, Middle Street

    Outside Yelf's Typwriters shop in Middle Street, bombed with much of the rest of the street in 1940
  17. Eastmans Southsea - now Fastnet House

  18. Albert Road Primitive Methodist Church - Southsea Central Hall

    40 Albert Road.
  19. Albert Road Primitive Methodist Chapel - 40 Albert Road

  20. Albert Road - North side, near Bold Forester

    Looks to be late 1800s / Early 1900s.